I want to distribute multiple parcels/gifts across the city. How can you be of use?
We have just the service for you. Hire our rider on an hourly basis. Drop off as many parcels at as many locations. Just pay us by the hour.
How we reach faster?
We know all routes to every part in Delhi and shortcut too so that is how we are able to make your delivery on time and safe at the same time.
How long will it take for the rider to reach the pickup point?
As soon as the rider is allocated to you will be conveyed his current location and an approximate reaching time. We will never mislead you about his location as we believe in 100% transparency and honesty with the client.
How long will it take for the rider to complete the trip?
We have a team of experienced rider boys who are instructed not to stop anywhere on the way for your trip. This ensures that your parcel gets across in the fastest time possible. Our drivers are constantly monitored to crosscheck that they are on the right track always.
What do you mean by One-Day pickups?
It is for the customers who are not particular about the time of the pickup and are okay with a pickup anytime within 24 hours. Added advantage: you get a `20 discount on your trip.
Can you purchase my favorite food/shopping list for me?
The rider will collect the cash from you and come back with your products. You can pay us for a round trip at a discounted rate.
Do you accept all kinds of parcel?
Yes, as long as it satisfies the two conditions :

a) The parcel should not be illegal or dangerous
b) It can be easily carried on a bike.